How do I complete daily tasks?

Planning the Day

To plan and not to conquer feels bad indeed. But most commonly we tend to fantasize a bit about what we could accomplish in a short period of time. Some say that we overestimate what can be done in one day and underestimate what we are able to achieve in one year. 

Besides the normal distorted perception of time, we forgot that simple tasks could be enormously time-consuming, that unexpected things happen (also called s*), and as humans, we need some time to eat, talk, and occasionally use the bathroom. 

On a healthy and productive day there’s room for nothing. A random thought, a new experience, a surprise, an unexpected encounter. Those things are the flame of inspiration and life itself. In short: do not plan too much or every single minute. List the fundamentals for the day, block the meeting and administrative times, and also the solitude / deep thinking periods. And make room between all of them. It’s not a way to fool yourself with a few tasks so you don’t end up frustrated. It’s the realistic way of having the important - and especially nurturing - things done.

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