how to build strong brands

I work to help founders in the process to communicate and connect with their audience on a human level, using a four-stage process:


I. The overview effect

Take some distance to see yourself, your offer, and the people you want to help with clarity.

deep dive research.

Lots of research and good talks  to immerse on:

  • Report I: Competitors & Inspiration
    Dozens of references to collect insights about how the most important players in the industry communicate and positioning themselves, reflecting on the most strategic position for the brand.

  • Report II: Interviews & Audience Analysis
    A deep-dive in our audience needs, fears and motivations. To collect that we engage in insightful conversations with our target, using service design tools (such as Jobs to be Done) and storytelling frameworks (as The Hero's Journey);

  • Report III: Portfolio and Communication Diagnosis
    How our services and our communication are positioned in face of everything that already exists in the market and in relation to our customers needs.

A clear message

Position yourself with originality sharing a simple, clear, and true message, so people can relate and be passionate about your business.

brand positioning and strategy

Using several branding tools and our ownpositioning framework, we going to definethe brand essence: the foundation wherewe build the entire business presence.

  • Values

  • Vision

  • Mission Statement

  • Positioning

  • Elevator Pitch or Brand Manifest

  • Strategic Framework

  • Tone of Voice

  • Look and Feel

Make it beautiful

The brand is your passion made visible, so spread your message in the most amazing and beautiful way.

visual and verbal identity (name, logo,  graphic elements, and your first brand materials, including a  gorgeous website.

II'll partnering with a dream team of specialists that immerses in your business not just to create your brand, but to help you build it.

Designers, copywriters, photographers and developers (all Lifestyle Business Owners, just like you) will be working together to create the set of meanings that best communicate the essence of your brand.

I aways believed that there is a smarter way of working, putting together talents from all over the world, with small companies accessing the same tools, talents and knowledge than the big ones. In this chapter of our journey I'm able to offer exactly that.

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Keep it soulful

keep the flame burning with ongoing branding advisement and content about beautiful and soulful work.

Brand BuildinG & brand guardian.

I can be your angel

The brand is just the beginning.

Building a solid brand is an ongoing process. So we’ll keep the flame burning with ongoing branding advice and a brand page to help you manage all your brand assets and the valuable intelligence that we built together.

A digital Brand Gardian page will guarantee that marketing teams and independent professionals would be able to navigate and implement your strategy in the future.

How exactly
is the process

A 10-week project, divided in 4 sprints:

How it's done:

In short, here’s what You’ll Get:


A new perspective to zoom out and see your business, your audience, and yourself as never before.


A complete execution plan to roll out your strategy and uplevel your ability to communicate your business and build a strong brand.


A boost of energy and confidence to share your work proudly and gentle uplifting your work happiness.

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What is Branding?

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