Better Before Bigger

Meaning Before Money

There's a breed of people that is not so concerned about building an empire but in find professional fulfillment and creating something beautiful to give back to the world. Experts, passionate about something, eager to share great value.

I call them workalovers.

You probably are:

an expert

ruining your business by your own or with a small team for at least 3 years;

not comfortable with sale-aggressive messages

You feel goosebumps listening to things like growth hacks, upscale, venture funding, and pivoting. You want to be profitable and grow, but it's just not how you think about business.

with no time

so you need someone to do the hard work for you;

deeply and emotionally involved with your brand

You need to build trust and personal relationships with anyone involved with your brand because it's somehow related also to the core of your own identity.

Searching for:

Convey your essence into a powerful message

You worked really hard to transform your idea into a service, and your service into a business. But none of this (not even a logo) is your brand. You need to make your essence tangible. A set of meanings, visuals, and verbal identity that truly communicate what you are offering, in a clear and soulful way.

Connect in a human level

You don't get off the bed every day just to move your disembodied mind to work. You work because you love it and know that what you give back to the world is great. So you need to find like-minded people, that will spark just joy, in a Marie Kondo way.

Discuss values, not price

Your service is exclusive and unique, so you won't be targeting the whole universe, but a really specific (and special) kind of people that will value your offer. So you need a magnetic proposal, that connects exactly with what your audience is desperately already searching for.

The branding journey

Clarity is the best strategy

A customized branding service will help you cut through the noise, reach the essence, and structure your unique roadmap to a better business, a soulful brand, and ultimately a more fulfilling work experience.

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