How much should I charge for my time?

Define your enough

Legend has it that when asked by a reporter "How much money is enough?" John D. Rockefeller responded: “Just a little bit more.” 

Maybe put like this makes it easier for us to consider that as the pure definition of greed. But is it not really the same we search for every day? We tend to always solve our problems with more (clients, projects, books, trips, satisfaction) instead of facing the real, deep, and difficult questions that would truly take us out of trouble. For me, the pricing dilemma relies on this same philosophical reflection. 

Of course, bills need to be paid, and we must position the offer wisely considering the value we bring and the market standards. But once we have defined our enough - the amount of money we need to sustain our lifestyle and feel motivated to work - everything changes.

Maybe you can realize that offering a more valuable service for clients that are willing to pay for it changes your business configuration, and instead of 30 clients per month, you can work with 10. It's all a matter of business/life strategy, and in my opinion, humble soul searching.

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