Why are lifestyle businesses more profitable and professionally rewarding? | The Brave New Brand

While business-as-usual defines success as rocket financial achievement (generating revenue to its investors), there’s another breed of people that perceives success as providing the financial means to support the ideal career-life balance, working with what

About me

I've always been passionate about my work but bothered me enormously the fact that my life revolved around it and not the other way around. I tried to fix the problem always searching for more - more promotions, more courses, more books, more things.

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The Brave New Life. Utrecht | The Netherlands. CONTENT AND COMMUNICATION. A Brave New Life. Context. The Brave New Life is the content branch dedicated to talk about a creative life.

How to avoid distractions at work? | The Brave New Brand

How to avoid distractions at work? Setting times. I know that meetings and boss' requests are not really considered “distractions” but the truth is, they all get in the way of having your work done properly.

How to open the conversation for difficult subjects at work? | The Brave New Brand

How to open the conversation for difficult subjects at work? Safe Word. Some topics are just too difficult to talk about, or at least to start a conversation.

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In short chronicles, it talks about happiness, time, work, relationships, faith, and everything else that makes life so crazy and, precisely because of that, so interesting.

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Thus, conflicts are mediated with more clarity, speed, balance, acceptance, and multiplicity of paths.

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A clear long-term strategy leads to a more smart, lean, and efficient execution, channeling your energy to what matters most, and creating confidence to share your work proudly. clarity.

What is value based pricing? | The Brave New Brand

We are not talking about humanitarian work (which we should do for free as much as possible), but a fair positioning when delivering a great value and expertise, with the potential of transforming one’s life.


Work is passion made visible. See inspiring stories from organizations that already found their unique competitive positioning, and a visual and verbal manifestation of their vision. Personal Projects. when you love what you do it's difficult to stop.