What stops me from being productive?

Setting boundaries

Productivity is a tricky thing. You can say that your boss is crazy, the projects are badly planned and the constant interruptions from email and meeting requests make it simply impossible to do everything. It could all be true. But remember, your body can not endure this kind of pressure for too long. 

As the writer Zibia Gasparetto once said “You are where you put yourself in. It is the law of life.”

You are accepting this. You can always set a plan for the day when you close your email and all the networks so you can have one hour of total focus thinking, you can negotiate your deadlines and meetings, and talk your boss nicely into the world of reality. My suggestion would be to regain control. 

Start your day with three goals. Three important (and realistic) things that you should accomplish on this day. If a tornado comes or you had an unexpected visit from the Queen, you will still finish these ones like Jack Bauer, because they are the most relevant items for the day, that will possibly contribute with everything else. 

The author’s of “Make Time”, Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky suggest only one highlight for the day, that you can display in a card on your desk. That’ll guarantee that you’ll focus on your priority instead of other people's unplanned needs, and also helps to avoid the common behavior of postponed important things with less important (and short) tasks.

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