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How to write a slogan or tagline for a brand? Inspirational or Descriptive? One common doubt about clarity is how specific we need to be in the brand tagline. Inspirational taglines are much more interesting than the literal ones, and people usually dream


II. Brand Strategy. A clear message. III. Visual and Verbal Identity. Make it Beautiful. IV. Brand Building. Keep it soulful. I. The overview effect. Take some distance to see yourself, your offer, and the people you want to help with clarity. deep dive

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law, through a systemic view of cases. Thus, conflicts are mediated with more clarity, speed, balance, acceptance, and multiplicity of paths. The challenge proposed in the project was to present her personal brand within a category where sobriety is

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exercise, branding will always be also a sensitive and elegant mentorship process, asking the most important (and avoided) questions to reach and uncover the essence. But that doesn't mean that you can’t run a couple of tests to check for Clarity. One good way


connects exactly with what your audience is desperately already searching for. The branding journey. To build a brand takes time, but to uncover its essence shouldn't be a life-long (or painful) quest. I can help you with that. Clarity is the best strategy

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ao redor da mesa eram agora um objetivo mais amplo e que precisavam ser traduzidos em uma nova identidade e posicionamento de marca. ResultS. The first task was to bring clarity to all strategic reflections that Veronica had already been carried out about

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all the complex processes and systems that made us feel important in the past could be hard or even counterintuitive, but could also be the key to financial sustainability and personal fulfilment. Clarity to reach the Essence is the key to Simplicity

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execution, channeling your energy to what matters most, and creating confidence to share your work proudly. clarity. A branding tool kit plus a structured and conceptual way of thinking to zoom out and see your business, your audience, and yourself as never

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lack clarity, strategy, foundation. That was definitely not what I wanted (AT ALL). So, after my second son was born I decided to solve my problem with the opposite of everything that I always did: I decided to do less. I left my perfect job and my perfect

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to see it in perspective. Sounds familiar? Could be super obvious for you what your company does, for whom, and what problem it's solving. But is your offer super clear to others in a glance? We don’t have much time to make our point, so clarity is the