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How to define pricing strategy?

Defining prices for services could be tricky because they are directly attached to the value you perceive in yourself as the person who delivers that expertise. So, when reflecting on it evaluate the following...

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What is value based pricing?

A fair price positioning considers the potential of transforming one’s life.

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How to avoid regret pricing?

The worst thing that you can happen when working in a service-based business is to resent your client.

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How much should I charge for my time?

Once we have defined our enough - the amount of money we need to sustain our lifestyle and feel motivated to work - everything changes.

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Am I targeting the right audience?

If your price strategy is not working you have only three options to consider.

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How do I tell clients my price?

The moment of delivering the price doesn't need to be awkward nor take too much time or energy.

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