How much should I charge for my time? | The Brave New Brand

How much should I charge for my time? Define your enough. Legend has it that when asked by a reporter. "How much money is enough?". John D. Rockefeller responded: “Just a little bit more.”.

How to define a better time to start a project? | The Brave New Brand

How to define a better time to start a project? Is this the right time? According to Christine Cayol, author of the book. "Why Chinese people have time". , time is a matter of cultural representation. Think for a moment what it means to you: Quality?

How to avoid distractions at work? | The Brave New Brand

Setting times. I know that meetings and boss' requests are not really considered “distractions” but the truth is, they all get in the way of having your work done properly.

How do I tell clients my price? | The Brave New Brand

The moment of delivering the price. doesn't need to be awkward. nor take too much time or energy. Normally service-based business with tailor-made arrangements evolve meetings, briefings, elaborative proposals and negotiations, that is, lots of time.

How do I complete daily tasks? | The Brave New Brand

But most commonly we tend to fantasize a bit about what we could accomplish in a short period of time. Some say that we overestimate what can be done in one day and underestimate what we are able to achieve in one year.

Why are lifestyle businesses more profitable and professionally rewarding? | The Brave New Brand

As you already know, that involves great time investment, lots of money, high risk, and also some burnouts.

How to adjust and improve your goal-system? | The Brave New Brand

Reflecting time. The direction is more important than the pace, but finding the right compass is easier said than done. The problem sometimes relies on the fact that we wait too long to examine what is important for us, and so adjust the course.

How to set healthy goals? | The Brave New Brand

We want to learn new things, explore different professional paths, dedicate time to something special and so on. If we don’t plan that, it probably won’t happen. So, one way of doing it is: Set a. goal or intention for the year.

How to write a slogan or tagline for a brand? | The Brave New Brand

The main point is: if your brand is new and you are in the first stage (building brand awareness). you’ll want to be as clear as possible. , saving your customer's time.

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In short chronicles, it talks about happiness, time, work, relationships, faith, and everything else that makes life so crazy and, precisely because of that, so interesting.