Which is the best tool to organize projects?

Unclutter your Mind

You probably could choose one fancy tool to organize all your projects and feel like an administrative ninja (I already used Trello, Keep, Evernote and now Notion), but my advice on that will be as simple as this: make a list.

At the end it’s all about that: organize and prioritize. Don’t go to bed ruminating about lots to do, from the groceries that you need to buy to the highlights of that presentation. You won’t sleep anyway. Grabe a notepad, and make a list. 

You don’t need to plan the whole year, or the hundreds of steps of the big project (unless being the Project Manager is actually what you do for a living). But you can plan the next day and perhaps your week. Release your brain from this jail and let it free to think about more pleasurable things. It’s not a coincidence after all that we have our best ideas while showering or driving. Our mind is relaxed or focused on other things than the problem. Unclutter your mind.

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