Am I overusing my logo?

Invisible Branding

We all learn that a brand should be memorable, but that doesn't mean that the logo should be displayed everywhere. Oatly, Swedish oat drink company, understood that the symbol is not central to assure brand recognition, even displaying packages completely without the logo.

John Schoolcraft, the Creative Director defends the idea that “Logos don’t talk. They’re boring. If a brand is relying on its logo (...) then it’s not doing its job as a brand”.

The main idea is that the logo can not hold everything. It is the set of meanings that ultimately creates a soulful and authentic brand. That is: sounds, textures, words, tone of voice, smells, sensations and experiences. It’s the whole package (that also includes costumer’s service and of course, the product itself) that would deliver the brand experience. 

There are a lot of new unique opportunities for brands to create that. Sounds, for instance, are a whole new chapter in our conversation with brands. Netflix, Apple and Google are good examples of strong audio branding. 

Packaging is another field to illustrate this concept. Apple’s minimalist design and the smooth sensory experience of slowly uncovering the product is a real trademark. 

All of that just to say that the logo is just a small part (maybe an overestimated one) of a branding experience, and a good branding thinking process will certainly help to create more sophisticated ways to show the world your brand soul.

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