About me

Better, before Bigger; Meaning before Money; and Brave above all.


Meaning. Before. Money. There's a breed of people that is not so concerned about building an empire but in find professional fulfillment and creating something beautiful to give back to the world.

The Brave New Brand | Cases | Kauila.cash

Through this path, parents can feel more confident to help kids develop autonomy and give meaning to the money as a means to realize their dreams.

Am I overusing my logo? | The Brave New Brand

It is the set of meanings that ultimately creates a soulful and authentic brand. That is: sounds, textures, words, tone of voice, smells, sensations and experiences.

The Brave New Brand | Cases | Alma pelo Mundo

And it was so, with so many meanings that are intertwined with Lu's story (and with wishes that she sent into the wind some time ago) that the new brand of “Alma pelo Mundo” was born.


I believe the search for the essence and the essential is key to create better business and a more meaningful work experience. If you think the same, here you can find more food for your thoughts on these drops of content and articles. ALL. CONTENT DROPS.


Designers, copywriters, photographers and developers (all Lifestyle Business Owners, just like you) will be working together to create the set of meanings that best communicate the essence of your brand.