How to avoid regret pricing?

Do not resent your client

The worst thing that you can happen when working in a service-based business is to resent your client. You’ll probably be in direct contact with them for an important amount of time, so it’s better to be good. What usually happens is something like this: during the negotiation phase, you decide to cut a big chunk of the price to close the deal, keeping in mind the possibility of making adjustments that will turn the service more simple or the project shorter.

On the other hand, your client bought the full package. He expects an amazing experience (which he deserves), despite your plan to make a “pocket version” of your offer. Real-life comes in and deadlines are broken, your client ends up needing some special attention and you realize at the end of the day that the project is not profitable. Boom! Resentment.

All that situation leads you to a less valuable offer, and a terrible work experience, that definitely will reflect in your client’s perception and results. But remember: your client has no responsibility for that. He had paid what you asked him for. 

Moral of the story: discounts are good and sometimes necessary to keep business floating. But once you decide to do that you need to ask yourself: 

  • Will I be comfortable with that in the long run? 
  • Do I consider this price fair and will I feel motivated even if I need to walk the extra mile to deliver the value my client needs? 
  • Are we (the client and I) right for each other

Please only go further with your price strategy if you said yes, yes, yes joyfully.

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