The Brave New Brand | Cases | Ser Humana

Ser Humana. Joinville | Brazil. CONTENT AND COMMUNICATION. Women Being. Context. Ser Humana is a collection of articles on the greatest human and universal issues. In short chronicles, it talks about happiness, time, work, relationships, faith, and

The Brave New Brand | Cases | What a Pickle & Love Game

What a Pickle & Love Game. Amsterdam | The Netherlands. CONTENT AND COMMUNICATION. Positive Games. Context. What a Pickle is a board game where children play at solving "pickles" using their strengths (or positive individual traits). Its goal, besides the

The Brave New Brand | Cases | Brasuzy

Brasuzy. Utrecht | The Netherlands. COMMUNICATION PLANNING, VISUAL IDENTITY E-COMMERCE AND PACKAGING DEVELOPMENT. Pass on happiness. Context. Brasuzy is a Dutch brand full of Brazilianess. It speaks of luck and positivity, not only the one we want for

The Brave New Brand | Cases | Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research

Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research. Müncheberg | Germany. INFOGRAPHIC DESIGN AND COMMUNICATION. Sustainable Land Use Systems. Context. The project "Implementing sustainable agricultural and livestock systems for simultaneous targeting of

The Brave New Brand | Cases | The Brave New Life

The Brave New Life. Utrecht | The Netherlands. CONTENT AND COMMUNICATION. A Brave New Life. Context. The Brave New Life is the content branch dedicated to talk about a creative life. A more personal perspective on the career and. reflections on a simpler

The Brave New Brand | Cases | Falhei & Disse

Falhei & Disse. São Paulo | Brazil. BRAND DESIGN AND DIGITAL COMMUNICATION. License to Fail. Context. A pair of psychoanalysts wanted to create a space free of prejudice and stereotypes to allow a deeper and freer look at the world. They decided to do so

The Brave New Brand | Cases | International Writers Collective

International Writers Collective. Amsterdam | The Netherlands. CONTENT PLANNING AND COMMUNICATION. Inspiration for New Writers. Context. The International Writers. is a collective that aims to be a home for new writers. There they learn the skills needed

The Brave New Brand | Cases | Cafes Amsterdam

Cafes Amsterdam. Amsterdam | The Netherlands. CONTENT, PHOTOGRAPHY AND COMMUNICATION. In search of the best coffee and cake in Amsterdam. Context. Once upon a time there were two Brazilians who wanted to discover the best coffee and cake in Amsterdam

The Brave New Brand | Cases | Bem me Care

comunicado na amplitude da sua oferta. From the communication point of view, there were three relevant challenges: 1. How to positively address such difficult issues? It was necessary to talk about hope and the help brought by the method, however honestly and


Services. how to build strong brands. I work to help founders in the process to communicate and connect with their audience on a human level, using a four-stage process: BRAND STRATEGY. BRAND DESIGN. COMMUNICATION. I. Deep Research. The overview effect