The Brave New Brand | Cases | Ser Humana

CONTENT AND COMMUNICATION. Women Being. Context. Ser Humana is a collection of articles on the greatest human and universal issues.

The Brave New Brand | Cases | Falhei & Disse

BRAND DESIGN AND DIGITAL COMMUNICATION. License to Fail. Context. A pair of psychoanalysts wanted to create a space free of prejudice and stereotypes to allow a deeper and freer look at the world.

The Brave New Brand | Cases | What a Pickle & Love Game

CONTENT AND COMMUNICATION. Positive Games. Context. What a Pickle is a board game where children play at solving "pickles" using their strengths (or positive individual traits). Its goal, besides the fun (of course!)

The Brave New Brand | Cases | The Brave New Life

CONTENT AND COMMUNICATION. A Brave New Life. Context. The Brave New Life is the content branch dedicated to talk about a creative life. A more personal perspective on the career and. reflections on a simpler life. are the central focus of.

The Brave New Brand | Cases | International Writers Collective

CONTENT PLANNING AND COMMUNICATION. Inspiration for New Writers. Context. The International Writers. is a collective that aims to be a home for new writers.

The Brave New Brand | Cases | Brasuzy

COMMUNICATION PLANNING, VISUAL IDENTITY E-COMMERCE AND PACKAGING DEVELOPMENT. Pass on happiness. Context. Brasuzy is a Dutch brand full of Brazilianess.

The Brave New Brand | Cases | Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research

INFOGRAPHIC DESIGN AND COMMUNICATION. Sustainable Land Use Systems. Context.

The Brave New Brand | Cases | Cafes Amsterdam

CONTENT, PHOTOGRAPHY AND COMMUNICATION. In search of the best coffee and cake in Amsterdam. Context. Once upon a time there were two Brazilians who wanted to discover the best coffee and cake in Amsterdam.

The Brave New Brand | Cases | Bem me Care

From the communication point of view, there were three relevant challenges: 1. How to positively address such difficult issues? It was necessary to talk about hope and the help brought by the method, however honestly and realistically. 2.


COMMUNICATION. I. Deep Research. The overview effect. II. Brand Strategy. A clear message. III. Visual and Verbal Identity. Make it Beautiful. IV. Brand Building. Keep it soulful. I. The overview effect.