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everything that I ever wanted for work and life: freedom, flexibility, creativity, and deep connections. Based in The Netherlands and with clients worldwide, I choose my projects carefully, because it's not about quantity, as you already figured out. It's

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see brand consistency being replaced by brand creativity. Recommended for you: VIEW ALL. Explore more Themes. CONTENT DROPS ARTICLES. Your business is one of a kind. Get help to shape and show your authentic brand. Start your journey today. Gisele Medeiros | 31 6 29125234. Utrecht, The Netherlands (but really everywhere)

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not only to write well but to do it joyfully, welcomed by a warm community. However, there is a general understanding that writing (or expressing creativity) must be a burden. Something difficult, motivated by some kind of suffering. The project’s

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innovative companies across Europe to rethink the concept of food at work, and more than that, to create the perfect environment where professionals could be creatively nurtured, where problems could be solved and people could interact on a more