How to write a slogan or tagline for a brand?

Inspirational or Descriptive?

One common doubt about clarity is how specific we need to be in the brand tagline. Inspirational taglines are much more interesting than the literal ones, and people usually dream about catchy, smart, and memorable phrases. When thinking about that, we all recall Nike and its famous “Just to it”, but we forget that they didn’t just start “doing it” right away when no one knew about them and their amazing proposition. This is something that the brand will build along the way, and there are plenty of ways to keep the communication inspirational. 

One of Nike's old slogans

The main point is: if your brand is new and you are in the first stage (building brand awareness) you’ll want to be as clear as possible, saving your customer's time. If your audience needs to put some effort into understanding what you do when having contact with your ads, it’s a clear sign that you need improvement in that area.

Just to clarify, taglines are more permanent, while slogans can change by campaigns, for example. We want them to be timeless, powerful statements, but when presenting the brand for its target for the first time we want them to be clear above all.

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