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How to define pricing strategy? | The Brave New Brand

How to define pricing strategy? Price-therapy. Defining prices for services could be tricky because they are directly attached to the value you perceive in yourself as the person who delivers that expertise. So, when reflecting on it evaluate the

Am I targeting the right audience? | The Brave New Brand

Am I targeting the right audience? There’s a customer for every price. If your price strategy is not working you have only three options to consider: 1. Your delivery is not up to the price, that is, does not deliver. enough value. or solve your client’s


Services. how to build strong brands. I work to help founders in the process to communicate and connect with their audience on a human level, using a four-stage process: BRAND STRATEGY. BRAND DESIGN. COMMUNICATION. I. Deep Research. The overview effect

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lack clarity, strategy, foundation. That was definitely not what I wanted (AT ALL). So, after my second son was born I decided to solve my problem with the opposite of everything that I always did: I decided to do less. I left my perfect job and my perfect


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MENU. Shape and show. your business core. Brand Strategy for purpose-driven business. The world needs beauty. A branding process ultimately creates better business, giving back something beautiful to the world. Using research and a design thinking process

How to check if the brand message is clear? | The Brave New Brand

being so immersed makes it almost impossible to see it in perspective. Sounds familiar? That’s why it’s so hard to create a brand strategy alone. Founders highly connected with their business certainly will have a hard time decluttering thoughts and

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strategy. And he wanted to do all this originally, similar to his way of managing the business and seeing the world. The inspiration for the brand came from a very unusual place, as well as the proposal we were building. It came from Hoopoe, the national

How much should I charge for my time? | The Brave New Brand

instead of 30 clients per month, you can work with 10. It's all a matter of. business/life strategy. , and in my opinion, humble soul searching. Recommended for you: VIEW ALL. Explore more Themes. CONTENT DROPS ARTICLES. Your business is one of a kind. Get