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The Brave New Life. , present to the reader a dense research, mixed with a personal narrative of a family in transformation, as well reflections about the feminine.

How to adjust and improve your goal-system? | The Brave New Brand

Reflecting time. The direction is more important than the pace, but finding the right compass is easier said than done. The problem sometimes relies on the fact that we wait too long to examine what is important for us, and so adjust the course.

How much should I charge for my time? | The Brave New Brand

For me, the pricing dilemma relies on this same philosophical reflection. Of course, bills need to be paid, and we must position the offer wisely considering. the value we bring. and the market standards.

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The logo (as well as its communication materials) is symmetrical, logical and orderly, a reflection of the method and the seriousness with which the topic is treated in the clinic.

The Brave New Brand | Cases | The Brave New Life

A more personal perspective on the career and. reflections on a simpler life. are the central focus of. The Brave New Life Blog. , which also includes sections to inspire a more creative journey, as in. Experiences. and. Life in the Netherlands.

Why are lifestyle businesses more profitable and professionally rewarding? | The Brave New Brand

The list below can illuminate the way to your self-reflection on this. Check if you run a Lifestyle Business without even knowing it.

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At each session, the group watches a film and together they build psychoanalytical reflections, with the careful guidance of the duo Fernanda Volpi and Claudia Barroso. The rule is to be able to fail freely (which is actually applauded here).

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Therefore, a dive into the fears and frustrations of this audience was carried out, with reflections on what content and visual references help and hinder this process. A plataforma deveria falar sobre o prazer de escrever.

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The first task was to bring clarity to all strategic reflections that Veronica had already been carried out about the future of her business.

How to define pricing strategy? | The Brave New Brand

So, when reflecting on it evaluate the following: 1. How do you perceive and position yourself among your peers with similar offers? 2. What is your perception about yourself and the value you create to your customers? 3.