Am I targeting the right audience?

There’s a customer for every price

If your price strategy is not working you have only three options to consider:

1. Your delivery is not up to the price, that is, does not deliver enough value or solve your client’s needs;

2. You still didn’t build your professional reputation / credibility or did not showcase your expertise properly;

3. You are targeting the wrong audience.

Considering that your service is great and you are doing your homework in terms of building your own brand, I'll assume that your problem remains on number 3.

More often than not, there’s a mismatch between the people that are willing to hire you and pay the price, and the people you like to work for (and without noticing may target your messages to). For example: your product is perfect for corporations who need to outsource some specific and highly specialized service, but you love to help passionate founders to apply that expertise in their small companies. There’s a misalliance there that needs to be fixed on pricing, product or target audience.

I’m sure that would be salty to hire Gordon Ramsay to teach me how to cook, but he surely do that for someone (in a Master Class, for instance) for a accurate amount of price, that goes hand-in-hand with his expertise (number 1), reputation (number 3) and audience (number 3).

So, if you get the feeling that what keeps you from closing the deal with your clients, ask yourself if there is something else you should adjust in terms of creating the perfect alignment between value and target. If you provide a great value, it could be just a matter of finding the people who are already (and desperately) looking for it to gladly pay for it.

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